vNES - Play all the original NES games right on the web

VirtualNES is truly an epic find! Its a free no signup required website that allows you to play almost every old school game ever brough to a Nintendo console. You'll be able to enjoy just about any NES game you can think off via webpage. They have games from megaman 2, Super Mario Bros3 and even the first Metal Gear.

Al the games are played right on the page using Java. The controls are real easy. Z is b and X is A and of course the arrows are up, down, etc. The cool thing is that you can also configure them to be any key or if you have a third party controller to use like a Xbox360 controller then you are able to map the keys to your liking.

-Huge collection all available online. No Download.
-Awesome time killer
-Constant update to collection.


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Nice Find!

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