Wolfram|Aplha - Perfect for anyone in school no matter the level/grade

Wolfram|Alpha is a "computational knowledge engine", Basically its a search engine that does math. It can do any math formula. As a matter of fact it can do anything that has to do with numbers. It can also answer regular verbal/text questions. Its a really useful tool to use throughout your school/college career. If only i knew about this last year. Hopefully there is still time for you guys. But seriously... This website is pretty neat.

Example: x^2 sin(X)

Or even calculations: $250 + 15%

-Answers questions from complex algebra to the date of Nixon's birthday.
-Free and will always be free
-Theres an app for that.
-The prefect site for anyone one in school. No matter the year.


MellowCoke said...

Woah, thanks for this, I've never heard of this program before, will check it out!

Anon said...

Thank god for you sir. I start calculus in two weeks, this will by most helpful.

Chad said...

Sweet site

Useless Mind said...

Wish I would have known about this in school! jeez!

Michele said...

Really helpful!Thank you man :)
Followin and supporting :)

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Laughing Vault said...

nice, it will be very useful :)

Lifehaxxx said...

cant wait to use this during my test in ib math on my iphone lol

Ukesa said...

Showing my daily support ;)

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