vGBX - Like the Online NES one we posted about earlier but Gameboy version!

We did a find post on a Online Nintendo Entertainment System website with almost all the awesome nintendo games that nintendo had to offer back in the day. Now heres the same type of find but only Gameboy version! Pretty awesome huh? The only down side is that the collection is as large but its getting there.

(Legend of Zelda)

Its pretty much like the NES version of this site. Controllers are Z and X and arrows. Enter is start and etc.

-Enjoy your classic Black and white games
-Also supports Third party controllers like Xbox 360's
-You can also save your games.


WhatTheF*ckShouldIMakeForDinner - Hungry? Dont know what to cook for dinner? Check this site out.

This is a very instresting website. Its perfect for the hunger websurfer.
The Website consits of a main page that randomizes each time you visit.
Everytime you visit youll get a rude welcome followed by a dilish idea
of what you should cook for dinner or any meal of the day.

Clicking on the Randomized meal will link you to a page that teaches you step by step how to cook it and what ingredients you will require.

If you dont like what it has to offer Refresh the page or click on the
"I Dont Fucking like that" link. It will give you a new idea.
If you dont eat or like meat dont worry. It has an option for that too.

-Big archive of dilish/Yummy dinner ideas
-Really easy to navigate
-Vegetarian friendly!


vNES - Play all the original NES games right on the web

VirtualNES is truly an epic find! Its a free no signup required website that allows you to play almost every old school game ever brough to a Nintendo console. You'll be able to enjoy just about any NES game you can think off via webpage. They have games from megaman 2, Super Mario Bros3 and even the first Metal Gear.

Al the games are played right on the page using Java. The controls are real easy. Z is b and X is A and of course the arrows are up, down, etc. The cool thing is that you can also configure them to be any key or if you have a third party controller to use like a Xbox360 controller then you are able to map the keys to your liking.

-Huge collection all available online. No Download.
-Awesome time killer
-Constant update to collection.


Wolfram|Aplha - Perfect for anyone in school no matter the level/grade

Wolfram|Alpha is a "computational knowledge engine", Basically its a search engine that does math. It can do any math formula. As a matter of fact it can do anything that has to do with numbers. It can also answer regular verbal/text questions. Its a really useful tool to use throughout your school/college career. If only i knew about this last year. Hopefully there is still time for you guys. But seriously... This website is pretty neat.

Example: x^2 sin(X)

Or even calculations: $250 + 15%

-Answers questions from complex algebra to the date of Nixon's birthday.
-Free and will always be free
-Theres an app for that.
-The prefect site for anyone one in school. No matter the year.


Wallbase - Unique wallpaper site

Wallbase is a very neat wallpaper site. This one isnt like the everday wall paper site though. At wallbase you are getting all the awesome wallpepers found in 4chan's /w/, /wg/ and /hr/ boards. It automaticly grabs the wallpaper and sorts them out by color, SFW, Sketchy and NSFW.

Heres when you search for green green.

-Can search with text and color
-Color can be chosen by shade. such as Red #871818 or Red #8A1A1A
-Filters such as Not safe for work and ect.


Ninite - Good for New/Empty/Fresh computers

Ninite a useful website for people that had to recently restore their computer or just purchesed a new computer without any of the popular programs. Ninite lets the user select as many programs on the list as they want. Once you have made your selections it will give the user a custom bundle with all the programs selected in one .Exe that will automatically install the programs selected, Hassle Free.

-Quickly installs popular programs like firefox, Skype, itunes,
gimp, utorrent, and even steam in one download!
-No need to sit on your computer Endlessly Clicking "Next"
-Almost always installes latest versions of the programs you've selected.


Tin Eye - The Reverse Image search

TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It's basicly like Google only instead of text you search with an image. You'll be able to find where the image came from, how its being used, modified/shopped version, or higher resolutions of your image.

Heres a cut from the site:
"TinEye regularly crawls the web for new images, and we also accept contributions of complete online image collections. To date, TinEye has indexed 1,662,978,150 images from the web to help you find what you're looking for."


-Search is pretty quick and almost always finds more/original of image.
-Theres an iphone app available
-Its free to use and no sign-ups!