vGBX - Like the Online NES one we posted about earlier but Gameboy version!

We did a find post on a Online Nintendo Entertainment System website with almost all the awesome nintendo games that nintendo had to offer back in the day. Now heres the same type of find but only Gameboy version! Pretty awesome huh? The only down side is that the collection is as large but its getting there.

(Legend of Zelda)

Its pretty much like the NES version of this site. Controllers are Z and X and arrows. Enter is start and etc.

-Enjoy your classic Black and white games
-Also supports Third party controllers like Xbox 360's
-You can also save your games.


BLUERAD said...

I really like your style and idea, somewhat similar to my blog(s) and will be looking forward to seeing more in the future. Make sure to check what I wrote at the bottom of my last post ;)...

Michele said...


Random said...

Oh man I miss my gameboy, even though I have an ipod touch which is nice for gaming ... there is just something to gameboys that was awesome.

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